LEGO Optics Lab: Mobile Phone/iPod Mount
  • 234
  • 5

Full instructions

I’ll demonstrate how I built my mobile phone/iPod mount out of LEGO for my LEGO optics lab.

PIX-E Gif Camera
  • 8,945
  • 54

Full instructions

A fully customizable 3D printed camera that takes short gifs using a Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Camera.

Lego Optics Lab: Small Lens Holder
  • 177
  • 3

I built a small lens holder for my Lego optics lab from components I salvaged from an old computer projector I rescued from a dumpster.

Change and control the color of a fire using magnetic field
  • 64
  • 1

Full instructions

Create a fire that change its color when exposed to magnetic field.

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