Things used in this project

Parts & Materials:
Teensy 3.6
Teensy ILI9341 TFT Display
NEMA23 Dual Shaft Stepper Motor
CUI AMT10 Encoder
ST-M5045 Microstep Driver
LSM6DS3 6-dof IMU
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino IDE


Main Board with Teensy 3.6
The SPI devices, the LSM6DS3 IMU and TFT display, are highly susceptible to EMI. It's best to use CAT6 (or higher) cables and make them as short as possible. All jumpers on the breadboard should also be as short and flat as possible. Also very important, decouple the ground planes between the main microcontroller board and stepper drivers and encoders with optoisolation.
Picture9 uzcp1sa1kf


Source Code Not AvailableC/C++
Eigen, an important library that performs matrix algebra like Matlab, can be found here:
Eigen simplified implementing the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).
No preview (download only).



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