Things used in this project

Parts & Materials:
EVA Foam puzzle floor tiles
Need about 5 or 6 tiles for entire project
Barges Cement 1qt
1 Quart is enough for entire project
EVA foam sheet 6mm
1 large sheet is more than enough
Binding posts "Chicago srews"
Need 4x posts for shield
Nylon Webbing 3/4" 4 yard
Need about 4 feet for shield and about 4 feet for furry boot topper leggings
Buckles Side release 3/4"
need 2 Buckles for furry leggings.
Plasti Dip Spray
2-3 cans should be enough for entire project
Kwik Seal
foam sheets 12 x 18"
1 pack of 10x sheets
fur strip
enough to circle both legs
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
heat gun
Knife Box-cutter
Get 1 nice knife and a good sharpener
Kershaw Blade sharpener
Saves a ton of money in the long run on box cutters
Sharpie pens
black and silver
metal ruler 24"
nitril gloves 100 count
wood burner kit

Custom parts and enclosures

Print out full size and use to trace 4x horn pieces
Foaming Mug Template
Print this out full size and use it to trace and cut out Mug design for shield
Ax head template
Print this out full size and use it to cut out 4x pieces of EVA foam that will be the ax head. The back piece is 6.5" long if you printed it right.
Helmet Front Detail
The design on the helmet in the original art has a bit of a figure 8 with wings look to it. Cut out 2 of these.



Father of two, retired Air Force, Tech Geek, Woodworker, Amateur Astronomer, RC model builder, Weather Spotter, and all around nice guy.



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