Run uTorrent on Raspberry Pi
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Step-by-step instruction of running uTorrent on Raspberry Pi 2 using ExaGear Desktop.

Calculate Pi with a Raspberry Pi and a circular Cherry Pie.
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I celebrated Pi Day by making a Cherry Pie, and used a Raspberry Pi with Computer Vision to take an image of it, and calculate Pi=Area/R**2.

Angry Birds Pumpkin Scene
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Full instructions

Recreating a scene from the Angry Birds video game using painted pumpkins and a giant pig tower is an exciting way to celebrate Halloween!

Drachenberry Pi: Dragon Mountain Design
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Full instructions

I built my own GameBoy using Raspberry Pi and Adafruit components.

Vintage Intercom Echo
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Full instructions

I picked up an old intercom from an antique mall in Austin for about $20 and turned it into a unique Amazon Echo.

Heart Pulse Sensor
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Full instructions

Heart Pulse system made up of Raspberry Pi2, MCP3008 and Pulse sensor.

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