The Gluss Project
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Work in progress

Strong like a truss but moves like a slug = Gluss. A radical approach to scalable robots that allows serious research on a hobbyist budget.

Vision: A Torch For The Visually Impaired
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Full instructions

Vision is a torch shaped device to help blind people navigate with greater comfort, speed and confidence.

DIY Retractable Boxing Speed Bag Station
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Full instructions

A quiet DIY boxing speed bag station for the garage that retracts upwards when not in use, so you can still continue normal garage duties.

Crush Cans with an Arduino-Powered Arm
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  • 13

Full instructions

Use an Arduino and an H-bridge motor circuit to build an automatic can crusher.

Make an LED Blink with Your Arduino
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Full instructions

Very simply, you’ll make a light blink on and off with your Arduino board. This is a great first project for building your making skills.

DIY Baking Powder Diving Spud-Marine
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Full instructions

An easy, DIY version of the classic baking powder-powered submarine. Instead of plastic, this one is made out of a potato (aka "spud").

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